Do you really wish to buy a new car for just fulfilling your trips dreams? No right, so why not hiring a one. YOYO Rentals are the vehicle hire division as an independent car-owning company with a long history for vehicle hire in Auckland. We offer car renting services all over the parts of New Zealand that are facilitated by online booking tools. We have transferred and supplies our fleet to our customers. We have expert buying skills so that we can offer broader and best rental services to our customers. 

What we love to do?

We are happy to be part of the best van renting company that has satisfied its customers. With the unbiased renting solutions that we have given to our customers, this has made a great chain of trust by our customers. We have given the industry the skills that have created a level of trust and made us the best car rental company in New Zealand. We support the ideas that are needed to support your business. Like other car renting companies who deal with mini car renting the facility, we deal for you in commercial car renting services also. Cheap van hire in Auckland can easily be booked by us. We support your needs and give you the idea and plan that ensures you to receive consistent customer service experience. YOYO Rentals is known for renting various cars, vans, minibuses, and whatnot. Van is suitable for the long routes especially if you’re planning an office or going for an outing with your family.

Our promise

We are always happy to help with just one vehicle, with your complex needs and our pricing and service we tailored every requirement for you. You don’t need to hesitate, let yourself feel free to discuss any kind of query with us.

You wish, we fulfil:

We hire various vans for both businesses and private needs within the lowest rental fees. The market for van rental is highly competitive but we have created ourselves with a great year of success. You can easily dependant on the scale and utilisation of vehicles. The big market needs services that can easily give benefits of van rental in Auckland New Zealand, however, we have potentially expanded us in the rental markets.