With some easy steps, you can easily hire a 10 seater van in Auckland Central for your amazing road trips. No matter whatever budget or plans you have, we have our booking service which includes all the rates which will be suitable for every person. With the plan for hiring Toyota Hiace on rent which is ought to be the good options for really long journeys, where you can easily be seated and carry all your belongings. From 10 seater van hire which could prove a great option for you, to easily plan your trips.

Toyota Hiace - 2013-2016
  • 2000 cc Petrol Engine
  • Automatic Transmission
  • ABS Braking
  • CD player / Radio
  • AUX / USB port
  • Bluetooth
  • Reversing camera
  • Carrying Capacity 10 – 11 People
  • Fuel Economy 4/6 stars
  • Safety Ratings 4/5 Stars
  • Length 4695 mm
  • Width 1695 mm
  • Height 2225 mm